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Water Treatment Solutions

Intelligent Ozone Disinfection Systems

Purifico offers a unique family of affordable stationary and mobile ozone systems that provide disinfection for facilities of all sizes and stages.

Intelligent Disinfection

C Series

The Cabinet

Our modular ozone cabinets, when you need ozone throughout your facility

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Intelligent Disinfection

S Series

The System

Complete ozone water treatment system, with the wet end included you just plug-n-play!

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Intelligent Disinfection

HV Series

The High Volume

Designed to handle up to 90 pounds per day (PPD) ozone, and treats up to 400gpm flow rates, Three size options available

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Intelligent Disinfection

M Series

The Mobile Option

Treat it at the source, a high quality ozone/nano distribution system for your surface water ponds

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Oxygen In . . . . Oxygen Out

Using oxygen from the air, Purifico systems build ozone, which quickly disinfects then turns back to oxygen.

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S Series

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Water Treatment Solutions that Exceed Expectations


C Series

System Features

Compact, wall/stand mounted ozone cabinet comes standard with PLC/HMI interface. Seamless plasma ozone production allows for the production, distribution, and monitoring of 40, 80, 160, and 320gph (grams per hour) at up to 15% concentration by weight.

S Series

Systems Features Complete plug-n-play ozone/water distribution system that comes standard with PLC/HMI interface. Same specs as our c-series cabinets but with the convenience of having the total wet-end injection skid attached and HMI controlled. Comes with lower cabinet, dry-oxygen concentrated air supply. Can be upgraded to the S Series-NANO, includes multi NANO-BUBBLE generators for large water reservoir water treatment applications.

HV Series

Our high-volume skids are capable of handling large volume water treatment (up to 400gpm) with the ability to add ozone supply of up to almost 90ppd (pounds per day) production per skid.  Skids come in 5, 10, and 20hp booster pump sizes and come standard with the Purifico management/monitoring intelligence cabinet.


System Features The mobile systems come in various output capabilities from 80 to 1,200gph per system.  On board flow through/side stream plumbing configurations allow for multi-use capabilities.  Each trailer comes with NANO distribution modules for complete and long-lasting treatment for large water sources.

Comparing Disinfectants

Ozone leads the way in defending against water-borne pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Pound-for-pound, ozone outperforms other chemicals due to its strong oxidizing power. Plus, it leaves no toxic residues, allowing operators to use whatever amount is needed to get the job done.

With other chemicals, toxic residues are produced which constrains dosage, allowing certain pathogens to evade destruction. When it comes to safeguarding your crops or livestock from water-borne pathogens, Purifico ozone products provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Purifico Remote Monitoring/Management System

in the ZONE


Keep an eye on your ozone system through our proprietary ZONE™ RMMS (remote monitoring/management system).  Operate remotely, receive alerts, or just stay up-to-the-minute on system settings and feedback.