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Purifico is your trusted partner in water treatment solutions. Our team of professionals are here to ensure your success, with decades of experience in manufacturing, irrigation systems and agricultural production. We support our clients every step of the way from initial consultation to daily operations. Purifico offers expert guidance to help you make the ideal investment in water treatment tailored to your budget and specific needs. 

Monitoring and Agronomic Support

Although Purifico is an OEM, we continue to be available post installation to ensure success of your water treatment plan.

A laboratory tube filled with water, representing the process of water testing for quality assessment and analysis in various environmental and industrial applications.

Water Testing

All water is not the same! At Purifico, we start with a water sample analysis to help spec and design a custom solution to match the ozone demand of the water.  Managing and optimizing water resources starts with a solid understanding of contaminant levels, existing infrastructure, and daily usage. Testing is site specific and can include oxidation demand (GP+BOP, COD, and H2S), general potability, and CQM.

Design Consultation

A complete water treatment package may include filters, RO or other water treatment options in line with ozone to achieve a complete and effective strategy.  Our team will work with you to design and implement the best solution for your operation.

A builder standing confidently in front of tanks of water, representing the importance of water resource management and infrastructure development in construction projects
A person carefully inspecting plants, highlighting the dedication and attention to detail required for maintaining healthy and thriving vegetation.

Installation & Commissioning

Purifico provides on-site installation and commissioning of our systems to ensure customer success. We are happy to provide remote support as well and are always a phone call away.

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