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About Purifico



What we deliver

With ozone systems designed and proven over a decade in Canada, our systems provide ozone enriched water for a variety of water disinfection applications throughout the agriculture sector.  Our Purifico ozone systems are designed for ease and simplicity of installation by providing the option of a  stand-alone system for turnkey ozone production.  

At  Purifico we work for your success

Purifico is a specialized ozone provider uniquely focused on agricultural industries.  With expertise garnered by providing ozone solutions to customers throughout Canada, our systems provide a solution to the unique challenges of rough agricultural environments that require large volume water treatment demands.

Now, more than ever, water is becoming a precious resource that needs to be protected.  As legislation introduces requirements for water re-use and clean disposal, operations need to focus energy and resources into this key ingredient.  Purifico is poised to partner with you in finding solutions for your water treatment needs.    

A depiction of Earth transformed into a lush, green plant, symbolizing environmental sustainability and the interconnectedness of all living beings.
A Siemens ozone machine, showcasing advanced technology for air and water purification, promoting clean and healthy environments.

It's simply the  BEST option

Industry professionals understand the benefits of ozone as a safe, natural disinfection tool that can replace traditional, harsh, or inefficient disinfection products. Ozone is a natural disinfectant used in the greenhouse, winery, dairy, poultry, and livestock industries that produces a more desirable product through the control of bacteria, molds, and other microbes.