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Advantages of Ozone

Discover the unmatched advantages of ozone (O3) for industrial water treatment. Ozone reigns supreme as the most effective pathogen eliminator. Ozone leaves oxygen behind instead of harmful residues like sodium or chloride, making it safe and ideal for water recycling. Its on-site generation eliminates the need for consumables, ensuring long-term cost savings. Choose the ozone advantage for a safer, more efficient water treatment solution. 

A machine diligently watering lush green grass, embodying efficient and automated lawn care for vibrant landscapes.

Better Yield

Our systems can improve crop productivity in several ways; waterborne pathogens can be eliminated more effectively, organic matter and harmful compounds can be removed from the water, and highly aerobic conditions are created in the root zone. These benefits all contribute to healthier plants, resulting in better quality and bigger yields. We offer ready-made solutions, but our modular systems can be custom-tailored to specific project needs.

Root Oxygen

Our systems can be used to deliver high concentrations of dissolved oxygen (DO) directly to plant roots. This benefits root health directly and helps to build a more plant-friendly microbial population in your soils or substrates. By creating a highly aerobic environment in the root zone, whether growing in soil or hydroponically, crop health will improve.

Healthy plant roots thriving underground, symbolizing the vital role of oxygen in supporting plant growth and overall plant health.


The same oxidative process that ozone uses to kill microbes allows it to breakdown unwanted chemicals and organic matter to help purify water. For example, chemicals (like pharmaceuticals or pesticides) and organic material (like humic acid or larger particulate) can be eliminated.

No Residues

Ozone breaks down within minutes in most irrigation water. No harmful by-products are created, just pure water and oxygen. Other systems leave significant concentrations of residues like chlorine or sodium, which are hard on plants and can limit the operator’s ability to recycle water.


Ozone is a powerful oxidant that destroys plant pathogens by attacking their cellular structures and genetic material (DNA or RNA). Ozone is the most effective disinfectant available and is able to kill organisms that evade other treatment options such as chlorine, UV, or filtration. By eliminating pathogens from the water source, plant disease and IPM costs are drastically reduced.

Sanitize Roots Directly

Purifico can design a system to treat the substrate and roots of your plants directly, by supplying water to them in an ozonated state. This allows killing of algae and other microbes living on the surfaces of roots and in media, going beyond simple water treatment to provide robust protection against root disease.

No Consumables

After installation of the equipment, the only operating costs will be electricity.  Using the natural air as the main ingredient, our systems’ output can be matched to the demands of the water.

observation plant with no ozone

No ozone

observation plant with minimal ozone

Minimal ozone

observation plant with moderate ozone

Moderate ozone