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Purifico Remote Monitoring/Management System

in the ZONE


Technology that gives you peace of mind, knowing your advanced oxidation system is looking after your investment.

Ozone Output, ORP Settings / History, and Alerts

Purifico’s ZONE remote monitoring / management system allows you to monitor and set your systems settings 24/7.  With web-based monitoring and coming new for 2024 the Purifico ZONE app gives you the ultimate in system monitoring experience.  Keeping you up to date and in control of your water treatment system means less down time, better production, and more money in your pocket.  

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Modbus, PRIVA and Customized Options Available

If requiring additional monitoring control than our Purifico ZONE monitoring / management system, know that our systems come MODBUS and PRIVA ready.  Added to this our systems are equipped to receive or control feed valves, multiple ambient sensors, and various other controls typically required for large operations.