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Products Specs

Flow GPM60 – 100gpm
Weight550 Lbs
Dimensions36”W x 60”H x 72”D
Voltage460V – 50/60Hz, 3PH – 10AMP
Injection Flow100 – 200gpm
Weight575 Lbs
Dimensions36”W x 60”H x 84”D
Voltage460V – 50/60Hz, 3PH – 15AMP
Injection Flow200 – 400gpm
Weight625 Lbs
Dimensions36”W x 60”H x 96”D
Voltage460V – 50/60Hz, 3PH – 30AMP

HV Series


Our high-volume skids are capable of handling large volume water treatment (up to 400gpm) with the ability to add an ozone supply of up to 90 pounds per day or approximately 4.25 grams per gallon.  Our HV skids come in three sizes, 5,10, and 20hp so can handle even the most difficult water sources.  Each skid comes with the Purifico intelligence monitoring/management cabinet to both control supply and monitor settings.

System Features